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Grattan Condon. 1887-1966. American.

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[Futuristic Aircraft.] c. 1944. Conte crayon. 11 1/4 x 7. Illustration for the text: 'They put behind them Russia and Italy, the Mediterranean and Africa, South America and the Caribbean' in the article by Philip Wylie, "The Paradise Crater," Blue Book Magazine, volume 81, #6, October 1945, page 19. Initialed, lower center. Housed in a 17 5/8 x 13 3/8-inch mondern black metal frame. $450.

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"During the War, Philip Wylie completed a story in which the Nazis plan to take over the world with an arsenal of atomic bombs. He described a post-WWII 1965 Nazi conspiracy to take over the workd and to develop and to use uranium-237 bombs, months before the first successful atomic test at Alamagordo -- the most highly classified secret of the war. The story was submitted to Blue Book and because it contained much detail on atomic bombs Kennicott sent it to the authorities for clearance. The story was promptly prohibited and Wylie placed under house arrest. Only after the War was the story freed for publication and appeared as "The Paradise Crater" (October 1945) - See more at: Blue Book Magazine.

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Grattan Condon was born in Eugene, Oregon, and studied at the Los Angeles School of Art and Design, and the Art Student League of Los Angeles. His teachers included Walter Biggs and Lewis Daniel. An illustrator, painter and educator, Condon was a member of the Society of Illustrators and the Salmagundi Club in Manhattan. He is best known for his illustrations of World War I stories. Many of his illustrations were done in charcoal, and have a freely-drawn effect. He was a regular contributor to The Saturday Evening Post and The Ladies' Home Journal.

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