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John Sell Cotman, 1782-1842.

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Abbey Church of the Holy Trinity, Caen. Interior of the Nave, Looking West . 1820. Etching. Image: 9 1/4 x 14 1/2; plate: 10 7/8 x 15 1/2 (sheet 13 3/8 x 19). Series: Architectural Antiquities of Normandy by John Sell Cotman; Accompanied by Historical and Descriptive Notices by Dawson Turner, Esq. F.R. and A.S. Plate 30. Published in London by J. & A. Arch. A fine impression printed on cream wove paper. Signed and titled in the plate. $75.

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Turner writes: In the thirtieth plate is given a general view of the upper half of the interior of the nave, shewing the western extremity, with the three compartments nearest to it on either side; and here, as in the two preceding plates, it is impossible not to regret the existence of the floor, which, by dividing the church into different stories, greatly injures the effect of the whole. Neither in this nor in any other part of the building, are there side-chapels or aisles. The architecture of the nave, in its general arrangement, resembles that of the transepts; except as to the arches of the second row, which are peculiar. Upon an attentive examination too, it will be found that, notwithstanding the apparent uniformity, no two compartments are precisely alike, while the capitals are infinitely varied. This playfulness of ornament is remarkable in a building, whose architect appears, at first view, to [34] have contemplated only grandeur and solidity. At the farther end of the nave, are seen the five windows of the principal front, together with a portion of the great arch of entrance. The remaining part of this arch, as well as of the others of the lower tier, with the pillars that support them, are concealed by the floor. The gallery, it will be remarked, sinks at the western end, as in the choir, and is connected with the sides by a staircase. The roof is only of lath and plaster, painted in imitation of masonry.

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