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Eric Gill, R.E. 1882-1940.

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Flying Buttresses (Id Quod Visum Placet) [that which pleases merely by being seen]. 1926. Engraving on copper. Physick 373. 4 1/2 2 3/4 (sheet 13 1/6 x 9 7/8). Originally published in 'Id Quod Visum Placet,' an essay by Eric Gill (published by the author, Capel-y-iffin, Abergavenny, 1926). The image was based upon a drawing of St. Pierre, Chartres. As published in Engravings by Eric Gill Douglas Cleverdon, Birmingham, England, 1929 in an edition of 480 on wove paper. Printed on the full sheet of cream wove paper. Unsigned. $175.

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