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Frederick Landseer Griggs, R.A., R.E. 1876-1938.

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St. Wendred's, March. 1921. Etching. Comstock 27.ii. 9 1/4 x 5 1/4 (12 1/16 x 9) Edition 63 in this state (total 66 proofs). Illustrated: Print Collector's Quarterly 11 (1924): 121. A beautiful impression printed with plate tone on cream laid paper with full margins. With the DP (Dover House Press) stamp recto. Signed in pencil. $2,000.

In Iceland and Norway, church bells are rung on Christmas Eve as part a long standing tradition, but at St Wendreda's in March, Cambridgeshire, the bells will be silent until a week before Christmas. The church dates from the 12th Century. St Wendreda and St Etheldreda were sisters and are said to be buried in Ely. The church takes its name from a 7th Century Saxon princess believed to be the daughter of King Anna, whose palace was in the village of Exning, roughly 12 miles east-northeast of Cambridge.

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