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Wilson Irvine, N.A. American. 1869-1936.

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Summer Landscape. c. 1920. Aqua-print (monotype). 14 1/2 x 17 1/2 (framed 24 x 27). Signed, lower left. Housed in a gold-lipped silk mat and gold leaf frame. $1,500.

In the 1920's, Irvine experimented with what he called "aqua-prints," in which he controlled the process of making marbelized paper in order to introduce naturalistic subject matter. He said that "any painter who in this day and age clings tenaciously to the one thing which he can do best, in a technical sense, and is satisfied, is not only standing still, he is actually retrograding." Irvine specialized in painting Connecticut landscapes, particularly in the spring. This aqua-print (monotype) is a fine example of his subtle rendering of a landscape -- possibly Old Lyme, Connecticut -- on a bright day.

Irvine's aquaprints are often mislabelled as watercolors.

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