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Martin Lewis, N.A. 1881-1962.

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Building a Babylon, Tudor City, NY. 1929. Drypoint. McCarron 76. 12 7/8 x 7 7/8 (sheet 16 5/8 x 12 1/4). 6th trial proof (McCarron records 84 impressions including 4 trial proofs). Illustrated: L'Amérique de la Dépression: Artistes Engagés des Années 30, Musée-Gallerie de la Seita, Paris, 1996. A rich impression printed on FJ Head creamlaid paper with a partial initial countermark and a hand watermark. A rare proof, unknown to McCarron. Annotated '6th trial proof' and signed 'Martin Lewis imp' in pencil, indicating an impression printed by the artist. Housed in a 23 x 17-inch gold leaf modernist frame. Price upon request.

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McCarron writes, p. 140: "The stepped pyramidal form of the towering skyscraper at the top of the print reflects New York City's 1916 zoning laws that required buildings to be set back in specific increments for each increase in height; the resulting stepped buildings became known as 'wedding cake' architecture."

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Martin Lewis.

New York.

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