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Martin Lewis, N.A. 1881-1962.

Shadow Dance. 1930. Drypoint and sandpaper ground. McCarron 88. 9 3/8 x 10 7/8 (sheet 12 x 14 3/4). ). Edition 109 recorded impressions. Illustrated: American Etchers: Martin Lewis; Fine Prints of the Year 1931; Prints vol. II, no. 2, 1932, p. 18. 1/8-inch professionally repaired paper loss, over the left shoulder of the gentleman to the far right. A fine impression printed on cream colored Whatman antique paper with full margins. Signed in pencil. Housed in a double black and white archival mat and a 22 x 23 1/4 x 1-inch modernist gold leaf frame. Price upon request.

According to McCarron, "In his record book Lewis crossed out the rejected title Shadow Dance, Sunset before deciding on this title. The location depicted appears to be the intersection of Thirty-fourth Street and Park Avenue, looking west..... Shadow Dance may be seen as one of Lewis's most abstract prints. He all but blocked out the print's one light source, the sun, with two sets of three figures. The figures dominate the space as their shasows and the diagonal perspective lines of the buldings radiate around them, forming kaleidoscopic pinwheel patterns."(page 160).

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