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Sir Frank Short, R.A., P.R.E. 1857-1945.

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The Night Picket Boat at Hammersmith. 1916. Mezzotint. Hardie 125. 11 7/8 x 17 13/16 (sheet 19 3/8 x 24 1/2). A rich, atmospheric impression printed in black-brown ink on white wove paper with wide margins. A rich, atmospheric impression. This is Short's only war subject. Signed in pencil. $2,000.

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Short wrote, "I often saw this effect when doing volunteer Police work at Hammersmith during the War." Hardie wrote, "On a moonlight night the picket boat, with a single lamp, seen from Hammersmith Bridge, is moving up stream, leaving a bright wake; barges on the left; Harrodd's Depository on the right." Hardie, page 41.

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