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Walter Sickert, R.A., A.R.E. 1860-1942.

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La Gaité Montparnasse. c. 1919. Etching. Bromberg 186.iii. 5 3/4 x 4 1/4 (sheet 9 3/16 x6 3/4). No stated lifetime edition. David Strang printed 19 posthumous impressions for the Sickert Trust (1945-47). This is proof #7.Illustrated: Calloway, English Prints for the Collector, p. 163. A rich impression printed on cream laid paper. An extremely scarce image. Signed in the plate. $1,750.

The image is of a music-hall interior. In 1907, Sickert did three paintings of La Gaité; however the etching is unrelated to them.

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