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James Abbott McNeill Whistler. 1834-1903.

W. Jones, Lime-Burner, Thames Street. 1859. Etching and drypoint. Kennedy 46.ii; Glasgow 55.ii. 9 7/8 x 6 7/8 (sheet 14 1/4 x 9 1/4). Glasgow records 98 known impressions. Issued as plate 9 in "Sixteen Etchings or Scenes on the Thames and Other Subjects." (Thames Set). Illustrated: Print Collector's Quarterly 1 (1911): 35; Guichard, British Etchers, 1850-1940. A richly-inked impression printed on antique cream laid paper with a 'KL' countermark. Provenance: Rouiller Art Galleries, private New England collection. Signed and dated in the plate. $9,500.

In the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition of 1859, this etching was described as " W. Jones, lime-burner, Thames Street (943)."

Lime was used for making building mortar. The Lime Burner had a thankless if important task, heating chalk in a kiln at 1,100C to make quicklime. The dust it produced could cause blindness and spontaneously combust and burn.

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Please click on the link to the Glasgow online catalog raisonné W. Jones, Lime-Burner, Thames Street.

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