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William Lionel Wyllie, R.A., R.I., R.E. 1851-1931.

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Herring Fishers, Fisherrow. c. 1928. Etching and drypoint. 8 x 16 ( 14 1/8 x 19 3/4). A rich impression with plate tone printed on 'JWhatman 1928' cream paper. Signed and titled in pencil. $975.

Fisherrow is a harbour and former fishing village at Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland, UK, to the east of Portobello and Joppa, and on the left bank of the River Esk. The harbour is now predominantly used by leisure craft. Fisherrow Yacht Club (FYC) offers dinghy and yacht sailing, and windsurfing.

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