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Edmund Blampied, R.E. British. 1886-1966.

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Shore Harvest. 1921. Drypoint. Appleby 78. 9 1/16 x 11 13/16 (sheet 11 3/8 x 17 7/8). Edition 100. A rich impression with drypoint burr, printed on 'FJ Head & Co' cream laid paper with wide margins. Signed in pencil. $975.

Vraic is a seaweed found in the Channel Islands. The main use of vraic is for spreading over potato fields during the winter. It is then ploughed into the soil before the potatoes are planted in late winter and spring. Vraic was traditionally gathered by horse and cart in Grouville Bay and St Ouen's Bay, and in smaller quantities at Le Hocq and Havre des Pas. The practice continues using tractors and trailers, although the quantity taken has diminished over the years.

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Edmund Blampied.

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