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Edmund Blampied, R.E. 1886-1966.

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Male Voice Choir. 1925-26. Etching. Appleby 113 (alternate version). 9 x 7 (sheet 12 x 8 1/2). Edition 100, #90. Illustrated: Prints vol. VI, no. 2, 1935, page 100. A rich, well-inked impression with plate tone, printed on cream laid paper with a unicorn watermark. Signed and numbered in pencil. $1,850.

This is the second state, which is the published edition. The illustration in Appleby is a different state. In this version, the man in the lower left-hand corner has more hair and the book he is holding is not in front of his face; the man to his upper left does not have his head thrown back; the man to his left has been added. The central figure in this verions has his bead bent down forther; the man to his left has a smaller moustache; the man to his left has a more pronounced chin; the man to his left is more distinctly drawn, and the man to his left has been eliminated and added to the back row.

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