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Arthur John Trevor Briscoe, R.E. 1873-1943.

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The Capstan. 1926. Etching. Laver 49, Hurst 124. 7 x 11 (sheet 9 3/4 x 14 5/8). Edition 75, #64. A richimpression printed on antique laid ledger paper. Signed and numbered in ink. $1,950.

Hurst writes, page 112: 'This etching, with those that appeared concurrently, marks a stage in Arthur Briscoe's approach, since the men working take preedence over skill and craft. It is a delifhtrully simple, yet utterly complete picture of the cadets in the Lwõw heaving up the anchor. The capstan is connected with the anchor cable beneath the foc's'le head (which is why there is no rope led round it's drum): the headsails are ready and loosed off on the bowsprit, and the cadet-ship's rather heavy bowsprit netting provides a contrast to the working men, while there is a clear impression that the deck is still wet and reflecting light."

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