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Gerald Leslie Brockhurst, R.A., R.E. 1890-1978.

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The Black Silk Dress (Anaïs). 1927. Etching. Fletcher 58.v/ix. 8 3/4 x 6 1/4 (sheet 17 1/8 x 11). 4 impressions in this state (edition 111). Exhibited at the RE, 1928, no.22. Illustrated: Furst, Original Engraving and Etching: An Appreciation and Salaman, Modern Masters of Etching: Brockhurst. A rich impression printed on 'J Whatman' laid paper. Signed and annotated '5th state GLB 4 proofs thus' in pencil. $1,500.

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The sitter is the artist's first wife, (Anaïs) Folin, who came from the Basque region of France. The etching is after an oil painting in the collection of St Louis Museum of Art, and shows Brockhurst's virtuosity in rendering a variety of textures: the silk dress, the feathered plumes of the hat, the glaze of the vase and the flawless skin of the sitter.

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