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Theodore Casimir Roussel. 1847-1926.

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The Steam Launch, Chelsea Embankment. 1888-89. Etching. Hausberg 18. 3 1/4 x 4 3/4 (image and sheet). Edition about 30. Agnew's label verso. A rich impression with plate tone, printed on off-white paper. A rich impression with plate tone, printed on cream laid paper. An early proof, before the plate was retouched in 1925. Trimmed to the plate and tab by Roussel in imitation of Whistler. Signed on tab "Theodore Roussel imp" in pencil. Housed in a reproduction frame that adapts part of Roussel's Stag and Flower Pattern Frame, Hausberg 164. Total frame size: 9 x 11 3/16. $975.

Théodore (Casimir) Roussel met Whistler in 1885, having become his neighbour in Chelsea, and the two men became lifelong friends. In 1888, encouraged by Whistler, Roussel began experimenting with etching and drypoint. Like Whistler, Roussel become concerned with the designing of his own frames.

According to Meg Hausberg in her catalogue of Roussel's prints, "Thos. Agnew & Sons Ltd. commissioned four new etched frame designs to be used in an exhibition of prints by Theodore Roussel in January 1991. The designs -- Flower, Arches, Wave and Vine -- are closely based upon motifs from Roussel's Stag and Flower Pattern Frame (No. 16[4]), and Comedy Pattern Frame (No. 165). The etchings were made by Paul Gilbert in 1989, after designs derived from Roussel's frames by William Ward." (page 23, note 7).

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