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Sir Frank Short, R.A., P.R.E. 1857-1945.

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Prisoners of War. 1890. Etching. Hardie 240. 5 15/16 x 7 3.4 (sheet 7 x 8 11/ 16). Printed with plate tone on off-white laid paper. Two printing folds in the lower margin, the right-hand one just extending into the image. Signed in pencil. $175.

This etching is of the bell tower of Rye Church, in Rye, England. Inscribed with the Arms of Rye are the following lines: 'Ye Quarter Boys yt took out to sea from/ ye Belfrie tower of Rye Church &/ mark ye hours till ya new Armada/ comes to bryng them home to their/ owne land of Spaine. / But the sandbanks grow & the sea line waxes dime And each one thinketh,/ but to his brother sayeth not-Ah! that our watch/ mighten end, and we could die-/ If Quarter Boys ever die.'

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British Fine Prints.

Prints $175 and Under.

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