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Sir Frank Short, R.A., P.R.E. 1857-1945.

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When the Weary Moon was in the Wane, Dort. 1893. Mezzotint. Hardie 115. 7 x 9 7/8 (sheet 9 x 12). Edition unknown, probably between 50-100. Illustrated: Guichard: British Etchers. 1850-1940. A dramatic, tonal impression printed on Japanese vellum. Signed in pencil. $975.

Hardie writes, page 38: "Over the river at Dordrecht the moon is low down in a cloudy sky; the moon and three lights showing among dark trees, are reflected in the water."

The exact size of the edition is unknown; but probably between 50 and 100 impressions. The mezzotint was created from a drawing Short made at Dordrecht, in South Holland, Netherlands. Short was extremely interested in the way changing light – moon, sun, clouds, etc., influenced images. The moon is low over the horizon at Dordrecht. The piece was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1894, and the Fine Art Society in 1909. It is in many museum collections, including the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, National Gallery of Canada, etc.

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