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Robin Tanner. 1904-1988.

Twelve Etchings.

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6.Autumn. 1932. Etching. Garton 18.ii. 13 3/8 x 12 1/2 (sheet 20 1/4 x 16 3/4). Edition 50 50 published by the Penn Print Room in 1974. (A few proofs were sent to The Twenty One Gallery and one was hung at the Royal Academy in 1933 (1214), the only one to sell. Edition of 12 published in 1984 by Garton and Cooke. Posthumous edition of 112 unsigned etchings published in 1988 by Robin Garton.) Signed and numbered 37/50 in pencil. The complete set in its original portfolio case is extremely rare. $19,000 the complete set.

Autumn, composed from numerous drawings, was his largest print. He and Heather had married in April 1931 and the studies resulted from walks in that first autumn: "I was obsessed by all this wild autumnal richness, and craved to celebrate it on a sheet of copper: it was line, not mass and colour, I felt, that could best express these forms and textures. I would gather them all together in one pot in one of our windows: and beyond I would have the old Kington Langley thatcher, Jim Bezant, at work; and away under a mellow sun I would have a great field of wheat still in stook, and rows of heavy elms, and a church tower rising among woods, and, yet more woods fading into the downland distance. It would not be ‘true to life’, as they say, but it would be true to the life I dreamed of. The autumn sun shone, with never a cloud, upon wheat that was never blighted and leaves and berries without blemish."

The plate was completed by the end of 1932 and it was the first etching he printed at his home for the rest of his life, "Old Chapel Field".

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