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J.M.W. Turner. 1775-1851.

Glaucus and Scylla. c. 1810-15. Printed about 1870. Etching and mezzotint. Finberg 73. Series: Liber Studiorum. Image: 7 x 10 1/4; plate: 8 x 11 3/8; sheet 10 3/8 x 17 5/8. A fine impression printed in black/brown ink, on cream wove paper with full margins. This is an impression that J.M.W.Turner retained for his private collection and that was auctioned by his executors in 1873. All impressions included in this sale bore the Turner Sale Blindstamp, found in the lower center of the plate. Unsigned. Annotated in pencil below the platmark, "One of 25 Selected Impressions printed for Mr. E.G. Rawlinson." There were no lifetime impressions. $950.

'An example of Turner's 'Elevated Pastoral' or 'Epic Pastoral' or 'Elevated Pastoral' subject classification, as denoted by the letters 'E P' above the image.

The unpublished plates from the series were known as the Sequels to the Liber Studiorum. Turner only completed 71 of the intended 100 etchings. The designs for the remaining 29 works were used by Sir Frank Short and other engravers to produce these plates.

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In Greek mythology Glaucus was a fisherman who was changed into a sea- centaur after eating a magical herb. He fell in love with the nymph Scylla, but she rejected him

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