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Japanese Woodblock Prints.

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Ohara Koson (Shoson). 1877-1945.

Reference is made to the excellent new study by Newland, Perée and Schaap, Crows, Cranes & Camellias: The Natural World of Ohara Koson (Leiden, Hotei Publishing, 2001).

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Two Carp and White Lotus. 1933. Shikishiban: 10 14/16 x 9 7/8 (sheet 10 10/16 x 9 11/16). Signed and sealed Shoson. Publisher: Watanabe Shozaburo. 'MADE IN JAPAN' stamp verso, indicating an impression printed for the US market after 1921. Illustrated: Crows, Cranes & Camellias, S39.5, p. 201. A fine impression with subtle shading and glowing colors, in fine condition. $550.

White Fronted Geese Flying above Reeds and Water. c. 1933. Shikishiban: 10 10/16 x 9 1/16 (sheet 10 14/16 x 9 12/16). Signed and sealed Shoson. Publisher: Watanabe Shozaburo. Illustrated: Crows, Cranes & Camellias, S11.6, p. 197. A fine impression with subtle shading and gauffrage (embossing) in the 2 large BIRDS'' feathers. Based on the body markings, these actually appear to be mallard ducks not geese. Pristine color and condition. $500.

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Shiko Munakata. 1903-1975.

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February -- Orchid. (Nigatsu - Ranjo no saku). 1956. Woodcut with hand-applied color. 17 x 13 (sheet 18 1/4 x 21 1/2). Series: Calender in the Mood of the Tea Ceremony. Signed in pencil "Munakata" and sealed in red Hogan Muna Siko -- sumizuri-e. On the full sheet with deckle edges. $7,500.

A woodcut calender of twleve images was made for the Urasenke tea ceremony school, which reproduced one image each month in its magazine Tanko. Most of the months, including February, are represented by examples from nature traditionally associated with the season. Illustrated: Sori Yangai, The Woodblock and the Artist. The Life and Works of Shiko Munakata.

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Sadao Watanabe. 1913-1998.

The Flight Into Egypt. 1969. Color dye stencil (Kappazuri). 20 5/8 x 17 5/8 (sheet 27 x 24). Edition 50, #35. Printed on crumpled, hand-made paper on the full sheet with deckle edges. Signed and numbered in ink.Housed in an 35 1/2 x 30 3/4-inch sliver-leaf frame. $2,500.

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Framed Fine Art.

Allinson Gallery Inde.

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