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Charles-François Daubigny. 1817-1878

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Le bouquet d'aunes ((The Clump of Alders). 1862. Original cliché-verre. Counterproof. Delteil, Melot 145. 6 1/2 x 8 3/4 (image and sheet). Edition 150, #71. Posthumous impression from the 1921 edition of 150 printed in Paris by Sagot-Le Garrec on photo-sensitive vellum paper, with their violet seal verso (Lugt 1766a), with their violet seal verso (Lugt 1766a). Ihe etching is illustrated in reverse in Salaman, The Great Painter Etchers from Rembrandt to Whistler. Signed in the plate in reverse. $750.

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The Cuvelier collection of lifetime cliché-verres was re-printed in small editions of 10-15 prints in 1911 when it was acquired by Bouasse-Lebel. The plates passed to Le Garrec, successor to Edmund Sagot at the Galerie Sagot-Le Garrec, who printed the principle edition (150) before chipping the corners of the glass plates as cancellation and giving them to museum collections. The Le Garrec impressions are on gelatine paper and retain the photographically printed scratches and fingerprints in the borders and the 'black' edge of the glass plate.

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