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Georges Rouault. 1871-1958.

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Notre Dame de la Fin des Terres. (Our Lady of the Land's End). Woodblock cut by Georges Aubert (1866-1961) after a drawing by Rouault for the book Cirque de l'Étoile Filante (Circus of the Shining Star). (Paris, 1938), page 155. 6 x 7 3/4. Signed and dated in the block. $2,500. Georges Rouault did not make any woodcuts or wood-engravings, but he designed a great many of them to be cut by Georges Aubert, including Réincarnations du Père Ubu. Aubert also cut many wood-engravings for Redon and Picasso). Rouault and Ambroise Vollard envisioned a number of grand artist's books. Aubert, who was highly skilled as a wood-engraver, collaborated in this enterprise.

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Reincarnations du Pere Ubu.


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