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Sir Frank Short, R.A., P.R.E. 1857-1945.

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The Anglers Bridge on the Wandle. 1898. Etching. Hardie 311. 5 11/16 x 11 8 7/8 (sheet 8 1/4 10 7/16). A fine impression with plate tone, printed on cream laid paper. Signed in pencil. $500

The location is Surrey. Hardie writes, "The timber bridge,with one hand-rail and with steps at the near end, corsses the river; on the bank in front, Mr. W.H. Urwick, R.E., is seated, with his rod propped up on his right."

W.H. Urwick was an etcher, who made several plates, among them one of the Wandle at Mitchum.

John Ruskin used to visit his aunt who lived at Croydon, and he wrote of that time: "...under the low red roofs of Croydon, and by the cress-set rivulets in which the sand danced and minnows darted above the Springs of Wandel" (Praeterita p.40).

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