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Ernest Haskell. 1876-1925.

Sentinels of North Creek (near Casco Bay, Maine]. 1924. Etching. 5 x 7 3/4. Series: Six American Etchings: The New Republic Portfolio, 1924. Edition approximately 500 printed between 1924-25 by Peter Platt on Van Gelder paper. Signed in pencil, lower center.

With an enclosed sheet that describes framing the work at the Montrose Gallery in New York.

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Haskell is best known for his scenes of Maine and California. He was born in Connecticut and received his first training at the Woodstock Academy. While recovering from an attack of Typhoid Fever, he began to make sketches. Seen by an editor of a New York newspaper many were published. He began formal art study in Boston, but left after a few weeks to take a position at the New York American as an illustrator. In 1897, he went to Paris to ostensibly study at the Académie Julian.

Rebelling against the formal academic tradition, he spent 2 years haunting the museums and galleries and working by himself. He returned to New York, worked as an illustrator and began doing some portraiture and caricature. He did two famous caricatures of Whistler which lead to a meeting with the great master. Whistler exposed Haskell to etching, a medium he enthusiastically embraced. He became a master etcher exploring a variety of techniques including flick engraving, and dry point. In particular, he was fond of trees doing oaks in Maine, pines on the beach, cypress from Florida and California and the giant sequoias and redwoods of the west coast. His work spans the range of tone from light and atmospheric to extremely dark and brooding. Haskell was tragically killed in an automobile accident depriving us of one of our great artists at the height of his powers.

His work is held by most major American museums, including the Fine Art Museums of San Francisco, the National Gallery of Art, the New York Public Library, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

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