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Jean Calogero. Italian-American. 1922-2001.

Studî della piccola Simonella (Sketches of little Simonella). August 28, 1942. Pencil drawing. 5 1/8 x 7 13/16. Signed, dated and titled in pencil. Housed in an archival French mat and a 14 1/4 x 16 1/4-inch black and gold leaf frame. A charming set of studies of a sleeping child, probably the artist's daughter. $600.

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Calogero was born August 20, 1922 in Catania, Sicily. Self-taught Artist First exhibitions in 1945 in Sicily and Rome were very successful. He arrived in Paris in 1947 and studied at the École des Beaux-Arts. He is best known for his dreamlike Surrealist and genre works.

He exhibited at the Gallery Hervé in 1951 and the following year he went to New York to present his show, then in 1953 he was invited to Los Angeles, where he returned two years later, and from where he regularly exhibited his works, and San Francisco.

In 1954, Maximilien Gauthier devoted a book to him published by "The Gemini." The first exhibition in Japan was in 1965. He was awarded the Grand Silver Medal by the City of Paris in 1957. Calogero had countless exhibitions in Paris, in the fifties, plus the American exhibitions in New York (Associated American Artists, 1952), Los Angeles (James Vigevano Galleries, 1953) and then later in Japan and in major galleries in Italy. He lived and worked for many years in Paris and Italy. He died in 2001.

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Galerie Hervé Parigi 1950.
Associated American Artists - New York 1952.
James Vigevano Galleries, Los Angeles 1953.
Galerie Madsen, Parigi 1954/1960.
Antologica, Tokyo 1965.
Galleria La Robinia, Palermo 1969.
Florida Gallery, Chicago 1970.
Galleria Il Cavalletto, Catania 1971.
Galleria De Rosa, Milano 1972.
Galleria Pinacoteca, Roma; L'Incontro, Taranto 1973. Galleria Idea-Bellini, Firenze; David Galleries, Bari; Palazzo Melloni, L'incontro, Bologna; Galleria Schettini, Milano; Galleria Pinacoteca, Roma; Galleria La Meridiana, Verona; Pier della Francesca, Arezzo 1974.
Galleria L'isolotto, Napoli; Pinacoteca, Roma; Galleria del Corso, Latina 1975.
Galleria Michelangelo, Firenze; Pinacoteca, Roma 1977.
Galleria Robert Philip, Parigi 1978.
Galleria d'Arte Pinacoteca, Roma 1979. Centro L'Esagono, Lecce; Graziani Gallery, New York 1981.
Chiesa di S. Silvestro, Tuscania; Museo d'Arte Moderna, Sessa Aurunca 1982.
Galerie Hervé, Parigi 1983.
Galleria l'Angolo, Catania; Galleria Arte Spazio, Sassari; Centro Il Faro, Taranto 1987.
Galleria L'Esagono, Lecce 1988.Galerie Molière, Parigi; Nihon Garo, Nagoya, Giappone; Minako H. Gallery, Tokyo; Galleria del Viale Jonio, Catania 1989.
Art Expo, New York; Axis Gallery, San Francisco; Galerie Axe, Parigi; Galerie Molière, Parigi 1990.
Antologica, Palazzetto dell'Arte, Foggia; Galleria d'Arte Pinacoteca, Roma; Sinagrarte 91, Sinagra, Messina; La Magia di Taormina, Palazzo Corvaja, Taormina; Galleria Buonarroti, Siracusa 1991.
Galleria Arte Oggi, Reggio Calabria; Galleria del Corso, Latina; Galleria Arte Spazio, Sassari; Galleria Art Gallery, Gela 1992.
Galleria Profili d'Arte, Catania 1993.
Europ'Art 94, Ginevra; Galleria Antarte, Messina 1994. Galleria Agorà, Palermo 1995.
Comune di Aci Castello, Palazzo Russo, Aci Castello, Catania; Galleria Arte Spazio, Sassari 1996.
Art Gallery, Gela; Chiesa di San Leonardo, Tuscania 1997.
Pinacoteca Galleria Donini, Roma 1998.
Galleria Perlini Arte, Reggio Calabria; Galleria Il Castello, Rovigo; Galleria Profili d'Arte, Catania; Pinacoteca Galleria Donini, Roma 1999.
Galleria d'Arte Moderna 'Le Ciminiere', Antologica, Catania 2010.

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